Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Coal Community Leaders Oppose Budget Cuts for Their Areas

    34 elected leaders in coal communities have expressed their opposition to budget cuts in a letter addressed to Congress. The leaders argue that these cuts would have negative consequences for their areas and the residents who depend on various programs.

    The letter highlights the importance of the funds currently allocated to keeping miners safe in coal communities. The leaders emphasize that a reduction in these funds would make it more difficult for hard-working Appalachians to succeed, potentially putting their safety at risk.

    In addition to opposing cuts to miner safety funds, the leaders also express their concern about a proposed 50% reduction in the national AmeriCorps budget. They argue that such a drastic cut would directly harm low-income communities that heavily rely on the services provided by AmeriCorps members.

    The letter warns of the detrimental impact these cuts would have on these communities and their ability to access vital resources and support. The leaders stress the importance of maintaining adequate funding to ensure the well-being and success of the residents they serve.

    The 34 elected leaders who signed the letter represent coal communities across the country, including Morgantown Councilman Dave Harshbarger. Their collective stance reflects the shared concern for the welfare of their constituents and the need to preserve the programs that contribute to their safety and prosperity.

    These coal community leaders are urging Congress to reconsider these proposed budget cuts and explore alternative solutions that would not jeopardize the well-being of the individuals and communities they represent.

    Sources: WDTV

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