Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority to hold Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

    The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority has announced that it will be hosting a household hazardous waste collection event on Saturday, October 7th. Exclusive to Monroe County residents, this event will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Military Road Recycling Site in Stroudsburg, regardless of weather conditions.

    Household hazardous waste refers to any residual household products that are used in residential, garage, or garden settings, and have the potential to ignite, react, explode, or possess corrosive or toxic properties. These substances can pose serious health and safety risks if not properly disposed of and should never be placed in regular trash or recycling bins.

    Examples of household hazardous waste include adhesives, automotive fluids such as motor oil and antifreeze (with a maximum limit of 5 gallons per container), automotive and household batteries (excluding electric vehicle batteries), lithium batteries, fire extinguishers, floor and furniture polish, fuel such as kerosene, gasoline, and propane, household chemicals and pool treatments, household cleaners, lawn treatments including herbicides and pesticides (with a maximum limit of 40-pound bags), oil-based paint, rust inhibitors, stains, turpentine, and thinners (excluding latex paint), propane tanks, and poisons.

    To participate in this event, Monroe County residents are required to register and pre-pay by visiting It is important to note that this collection event is exclusively for household waste and does not include waste from businesses.

    Overall, this household hazardous waste collection event aims to provide an avenue for Monroe County residents to safely dispose of potentially dangerous household materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

    – Household hazardous waste: Leftover household products used in the home, garage, or garden that possess the potential to ignite, react, explode, or have corrosive or toxic properties, requiring proper disposal.
    – Municipal Waste Management Authority: An organization responsible for overseeing waste management and recycling programs in a specific municipality or region.

    Source: Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority