Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    India’s First Hydrogen Dispensing Station at Gujarat Refinery Assessed by Officials

    Junior commerce and industry minister Som Parkash and Vadodara MP Ranjan Bhatt recently visited India’s first hydrogen dispensing station located at Gujarat Refinery in Vadodara. The purpose of the visit was to assess the performance of the station, which was established by the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. in partnership with the Gujarat Refinery.

    The station has received approval from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation and is designed to meet the refueling requirements of 25 fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) buses per day. The facility operates on a 24-hour basis, catering to refueling needs on an eight-hour basis. Each FCEV bus has a filling capacity of 20kg of hydrogen at a pressure of 350 bar.

    The establishment of this hydrogen dispensing station marks a significant milestone in India’s transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. Hydrogen is widely regarded as a promising alternative to fossil fuels due to its zero-emission properties. FCEVs that run on hydrogen produce only water vapor as a byproduct, making them environmentally friendly.

    This visit comes in the wake of recent developments in the promotion of green hydrogen in India. The Rajasthan government recently announced the Rajasthan Green Hydrogen Policy-2023, aiming to incentivize clean energy production and combat climate change. Similarly, the Uttar Pradesh government is considering implementing a similar policy and establishing centers of excellence for green hydrogen research.

    In addition, IIT Madras is collaborating with industry partners to conduct research and development in the field of green hydrogen. This initiative aims to make green hydrogen more affordable and scalable while establishing testing and validation standards.

    The government’s push for green hydrogen policies and investments in research and development indicate a strong commitment to fostering a sustainable future. By embracing hydrogen as a clean energy source, India has the potential to reduce its carbon footprint and pave the way for a greener transportation sector.

    – Vadodara: Junior commerce and industry minister Som Parkash and Vadodara MP Ranjan Bhatt visited the country’s first hydrogen dispensation station at Gujarat Refinery. (Times of India)
    – The Rajasthan government has announced the Rajasthan Green Hydrogen Policy-2023. (Times of India)
    – Union Power Minister RK Singh called for Bengal to develop a comprehensive green hydrogen policy. (Times of India)
    – IIT Madras is collaborating with industries to conduct research and development in ‘Green Hydrogen’. (Times of India)