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New City Council Election Results Reflect a Changing Political Landscape

The recent fourth district Muncie City Council race in Indiana has concluded with Democratic candidate Sara Gullion emerging as the winner. Republican incumbent Brad Marshall gracefully conceded the race after a recount of challenged absentee and provisional ballots showed Gullion leading by a margin of nine votes. This outcome solidifies Democratic control of the council, which will begin in January with a 6-3 majority.

Gullion expressed gratitude towards Marshall for his call, highlighting that the close race did not sour their relationship. She emphasized the importance of considering all potential votes before making any final decisions during the tallying process. Gullion’s commitment to inclusivity and open communication with constituents aligns with her plan to involve more people in the political process and foster better connections within the community.

While Marshall rejoiced in the support he received from his backers, he acknowledged that a recount would only perpetuate the division created by the contentious election. Recognizing the voice of the people, Marshall congratulated Gullion on her victory and assured the public that he will continue seeking opportunities to serve the community.

As the city transitions to a new administration, Gullion is eager to participate in state-sponsored training sessions for newly elected officials. These sessions will equip her with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill her responsibilities effectively. Although Gullion doesn’t have an extensive agenda in mind yet, her focus on engagement and effective communication suggests a commitment to representing the interests of her constituents.

The outcome of the Muncie City Council election highlights the changing political landscape in the district. With this shift in power, residents can anticipate new approaches to governance and decision-making that reflect the values and priorities of a Democratic majority.


1. What was the final vote count?
The final count after the recount was 1,199 votes for Sara Gullion and 1,190 votes for Brad Marshall.

2. How will the change in council composition impact the city?
With a 6-3 Democratic majority, the City Council will experience a change in decision-making dynamics and potentially lead to the adoption of different policies and initiatives.

3. What are Sara Gullion’s plans as a council member?
Gullion aims to promote greater community engagement, improve communication with constituents, and facilitate the involvement of more individuals in the political process.

4. Will Brad Marshall continue serving the community in any capacity?
Marshall expressed his ongoing commitment to finding ways to serve the community despite not being re-elected to the City Council.