Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Indiana Man Charged with Sexual Battery After Allegedly Inappropriately Touching Girl at Pool Party

    An Indiana man has been arrested and charged with sexual battery after being accused of inappropriately touching a girl at a pool party in July. Zachary McIntyre, 36, is facing a Level 6 felony charge, according to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

    According to court documents, the juvenile victim reported that McIntyre showed her a picture of his wife at a beach and mentioned that she had sent him the photo because he had sent her a picture of himself. The victim further detailed that McIntyre made inappropriate comments about her body and proceeded to discuss his own body parts.

    The victim stated that she attempted to distance herself from McIntyre, but he would pull her back towards him by her lower waist, causing her backside to touch his front side.

    McIntyre has a scheduled court hearing for January 10, 2024, as per court records.

    This incident highlights the importance of safe and appropriate behavior in social settings, particularly when interacting with young individuals. It is crucial to respect personal boundaries and maintain appropriate conversations.

    Source: Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

    – Sexual battery: The intentional touching of another person in a sexual manner without their consent, thereby committing an offense of a sexual nature.

    Source: Not provided.