Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Microsoft Planning Major Revamp to Xbox Controller with Haptic Feedback

    Microsoft is preparing a significant overhaul of its Xbox controller, codenamed Sebile, according to leaked documents presented in the company’s legal battle with the FTC. The new controller will feature haptic feedback technology similar to Sony’s DualSense controller, including VCA haptics and an accelerometer.

    One notable improvement is the inclusion of rechargeable and swappable batteries, a practical solution considering the increased battery demands of the controller’s advanced features. Additionally, the Sebile controller will come with modular analog sticks to enhance durability. The buttons will be quieter and the controller will feature a smartphone-like waking feature when lifted.

    The Sebile controller is expected to be released in summer 2024, potentially in late May or early June, at a price of $70. These plans gain credibility as they reference publicly announced Microsoft hardware releases, such as the 1TB Xbox Series S console.

    In addition to the controller revamp, Microsoft is also working on a refresh of the Xbox Series X console, codenamed Brooklin. While not featuring any enhanced power, the new console will include 2TB of built-in storage, a more eco-friendly design, and WiFi 6E. The notable change is the omission of a disc drive, signaling a clear shift towards a digital-only future for Xbox. The expected price for the Brooklin console is $500, aligning with the current Series X price.

    It is important to note that the leaked documents indicate a change in release plans, with the Series S refresh launching in September 2021 instead of September 2024 as originally intended. The Series X refresh has yet to be officially announced. It is worth treating this information with caution, as plans can change.

    Furthermore, the leak also revealed that Microsoft is contemplating the possibility of acquiring Nintendo, although the feasibility of this remains uncertain. Additionally, Microsoft-owned Bethesda is reportedly working on remasters of Oblivion and Fallout 3, as well as Arkane’s Dishonored 3.

    This article is based on information sourced from leaked documents presented in Microsoft’s legal battle with the FTC and does not contain any URLs.

    – Microsoft leak documents from legal battle with the FTC.