Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Kansas Jayhawks Begin Preseason Boot Camp

    Kansas men’s basketball players, coaches, and student managers gathered early Monday morning to start the program’s preseason basketball Boot Camp. The conditioning drills lasted just over an hour and were described by KU coach Bill Self as “good” with lots of energy. Although some of the new players struggled, they were able to get through it. Boot Camp will run from Monday to Friday, and Self may decide to continue for a second week. The team had a busy summer practicing for their trip to Puerto Rico, so Self has considered shortening Boot Camp this year. Arterio Morris, who is on indefinite suspension, did not attend Boot Camp.

    In other news, Gary Parrish of has kept Kansas as the number one team in his preseason poll despite the suspension of Morris. Parrish explained that the team still has a Hall of Fame coach and a strong starting lineup. Coaches across the country seem to agree with Parrish, as a group of NCAA Division I basketball coaches also picked Kansas as the top team in the country. They praised Bill Self’s coaching and believe that Kansas has the ability to reload and perform well each year.

    Kansas will face tough competition during the upcoming season, including a game against Kentucky in the Champions Classic and a matchup with UConn at Allen Fieldhouse. Coaches believe that Purdue’s Zach Edey will be the national player of the year for the second year in a row.

    – Boot Camp: A period of intense training and conditioning to prepare for the basketball season.
    – Indefinite suspension: When a player is temporarily removed from the team without a specified end date.
    – Hall of Fame coach: A coach who has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame for their significant contributions to the sport.
    – Preseason poll: A ranking of teams before the start of the season, based on predictions and opinions.
    – Champions Classic: An annual college basketball event featuring four top-ranked teams.

    Sources: The Kansas City Star, CBS Sports