Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Kawasaki Unveils Specs for the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 Electric Motorcycles

    Kawasaki has released key specifications and expected release dates for its upcoming electric motorcycles, the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1. However, the revealed specs may disappoint some potential buyers. Both models will be equipped with a 5 kW electric motor, capable of producing a peak power of 9 kW but only in bursts. The motorcycles are expected to reach a top speed of 99 km/h (61 mph), although it is unclear whether this is the sustained speed or a burst speed.

    The bikes will feature two removable batteries that can be charged on-board or separately with a docking station. However, Kawasaki has not disclosed specific information about battery capacity or range. The use of removable batteries suggests that the motorcycles will not have long-distance capabilities. Comparing the potential battery capacity to other electric vehicles, it is unlikely that the Kawasaki motorcycles will have more than 4.2 kWh of battery capacity.

    While the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 may not have impressive performance capabilities, they offer several features including a walk mode that allows maneuvering at walking pace in both forward and reverse directions. This can be useful for tight parking spots or moving backward on inclines. Both models are expected to debut in the UK next month, but pricing details have not been announced.

    The specs of the Kawasaki electric motorcycles indicate that they are primarily intended for urban commuting rather than high-performance riding. However, the success of these models will ultimately depend on their pricing. Comparable commuter e-motorcycles are available at a lower cost, making it essential for the Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 to offer competitive prices to gain market share.

    Source: Electrek

    – Electric motorcycles: Motorcycles powered by electric motors instead of internal combustion engines.
    – Burst speed: The maximum speed that a vehicle can achieve for a short period, typically lasting a few seconds.
    – Top speed: The highest speed that a vehicle can reach under normal operating conditions.
    – Removable batteries: Batteries that can be easily detached from the vehicle for charging or replacement.
    – Sustained speed: The maximum speed that a vehicle can maintain continuously without exceeding its capabilities.
    – Range: The distance that a vehicle can travel on a single charge or tank of fuel.
    – Walk mode: A feature that allows a vehicle to move at a very slow speed, typically for parking or maneuvering in tight spaces.
    – Urban bikes: Motorcycles designed for use in urban environments, typically focused on low-speed commuting and maneuverability.
    – Market penetration: The level of market share or popularity that a product can achieve in a particular industry or market segment.