Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Couple Struggles with Non-Functioning Solar System and Mounting Debts

    A couple from Jefferson County, Tennessee, finds themselves in a difficult situation after paying over $80,000 for a solar panel system that doesn’t work. Ron and Sharon Miller had high hopes for their solar system, believing it would save them money on their monthly power bill. However, the panels never generated any power, and the solar company responsible for the installation has gone bankrupt.

    The Millers now face a monthly bill of $300 for their non-working solar system, on top of the $200 they already pay to their local power company. This additional expense amounts to $500 every month, a significant financial burden that they did not anticipate. Sharon Miller expressed her frustration, stating that the panels “are not saving me anything” and have not fulfilled the promises made by the salesperson.

    The original contractor for the solar system was Power Home Solar, also known as Pink Energy. Despite assurances of continued maintenance in their contract, the Millers received no support from the company. In October 2022, Pink Energy filed for bankruptcy without warning its customers or employees.

    Adding to their troubles, the Millers received a default notice from the loan company that funded their solar system, amounting to nearly $83,000 in debt. This is a distressing situation for the couple, particularly considering Ron Miller’s status as a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran in need of ongoing care.

    Despite their dire circumstances, there is a glimmer of hope for the Millers. Another homeowner who experienced similar issues with Pink Energy was able to resolve the problem through Generac, a leading manufacturer of solar storage units. Generac technicians successfully got the system up and running. Sharon plans to reach out to Generac for assistance, but first, she must contend with the loan company seeking repayment.

    Ultimately, the Millers desperately need help to resolve their situation. They have worked their entire lives to secure their future and leave something for their children. Sharon is relying on divine intervention and the support of others to navigate this challenging period.

    – Solar panels: devices that convert sunlight into electricity.
    – Bankruptcy: a legal process in which an individual or business declares their inability to repay debts.
    – Default notice: a formal warning stating that the borrower has failed to meet their loan repayment obligations.
    – Generac: a company specializing in manufacturing solar storage units.

    – WATE: Jefferson City couple with non-working solar panels grapples with debt, bankruptcy.