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Is Orange Beach bigger than Gulf Shores?

Orange Beach vs. Gulf Shores: A Comparison of Coastal Magnitudes

In the heart of Alabama’s coastal region, two popular destinations, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, often become subjects of comparison. Tourists and locals alike frequently debate which of the two boasts a larger footprint. The question, “Is Orange Beach bigger than Gulf Shores?” requires a nuanced approach, considering both geographical size and population.

Geographical Expanse and Population Density

Orange Beach, known for its pristine sands and family-friendly atmosphere, encompasses a total area of approximately 15.9 square miles. Of this, 14.7 square miles is land, while the remaining 1.2 square miles is water. Despite its seemingly vast expanse, Orange Beach’s population density is lower, with a population of around 6,000 residents, allowing for a more spacious feel.

Gulf Shores, on the other hand, offers a blend of vibrant tourist attractions and natural beauty. It covers a slightly larger area of about 28.3 square miles, with 23.2 square miles of land and 5.1 square miles of water. However, it has a comparable population size to Orange Beach, leading to a higher population density.

Implications for Visitors and Residents

The size difference has implications for the character of each city. Gulf Shores’ larger area and higher density create a bustling environment, especially during peak tourist seasons. Conversely, Orange Beach provides a sense of expansiveness and tranquility, even when visitor numbers are high.


Q: Which city has a larger land area, Orange Beach or Gulf Shores?
A: Gulf Shores has a larger land area compared to Orange Beach.

Q: Does Orange Beach have a higher population than Gulf Shores?
A: No, both cities have similar population sizes, but Gulf Shores has a higher population density.


Population Density: A measurement of the number of people per unit of land area, typically expressed as inhabitants per square mile or square kilometer.

Footprint: In this context, it refers to the size or extent of an area occupied by a city or town.