Is alcohol banned in Gulf Shores in 2023?

Gulf Shores Enforces Alcohol Ban on Beaches for Spring Break 2023

Gulf Shores, AL – In a move to maintain public safety and cleanliness on its beaches, the city of Gulf Shores has announced a temporary alcohol ban effective from March 4 to April 16, 2023. This prohibition, coinciding with the spring break season, is aimed at reducing the potential for alcohol-related incidents and preserving the family-friendly atmosphere of the coastal community.

Details of the Alcohol Ban

The ban applies to all alcoholic beverages on the public beaches within the Gulf Shores city limits. City officials have clarified that the restriction is solely for the beach areas, and alcohol can still be legally consumed in designated areas, including bars, restaurants, and private residences. Violators of the ban may face fines and other penalties as part of the city’s efforts to enforce the ordinance.

Community Response and Enforcement

Local businesses and law enforcement have expressed support for the ban, citing the success of similar measures in previous years in reducing litter and public disturbances. The Gulf Shores Police Department will be actively patrolling the beaches to ensure compliance with the new regulation.


Q: Why has Gulf Shores banned alcohol on its beaches?
A: To ensure public safety, reduce litter, and maintain a family-friendly environment during the spring break season.

Q: When is the alcohol ban in effect?
A: From March 4 to April 16, 2023.

Q: Can I still drink alcohol in Gulf Shores during this time?
A: Yes, but only in designated areas such as bars, restaurants, and private properties, not on the public beaches.


Alcohol Ban: A temporary or permanent prohibition on the sale, consumption, or possession of alcoholic beverages in a specified area.
Public Beaches: Areas of sand or pebbles along the shoreline that are open and accessible to the general public.
Ordinance: A piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority.