Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    iPhone 15 Introduces 80% Charging Hard Limit to Prolong Battery Health

    iPhone 15 users now have the option to set an 80% charging hard limit to further extend the lifespan of their device’s battery. Unlike the Optimized Battery Charging feature that stops charging at 80% and resumes just before the user wakes up to achieve a full charge, this new setting prevents the iPhone from charging beyond 80% altogether.

    The reason behind this new feature lies in the fact that charging a battery up to 80% is relatively energy-efficient and generates less heat compared to charging it up to 100%. The final 20% of charging process requires more energy and tends to generate more heat, which can impact battery health over time. Some users try to preserve battery health by keeping their battery level between 40% and 80% at all times.

    With the introduction of the 80% charging hard limit, users no longer need to manually monitor their charging progress or adjust their habits. The iPhone will automatically stop charging at 80%, offering convenience and peace of mind.

    However, it is worth mentioning that AppleInsider continues to recommend using the Optimized Battery Charging feature and refraining from enabling the 80% charging hard limit. The benefits of limiting charging to 80% are minimal, and users will be sacrificing the full potential of their battery capacity while only gaining a few additional weeks of battery health.

    In conclusion, iPhone 15 offers a new option for users to limit battery charging to 80% in order to extend battery lifespan. While this feature may seem appealing to some, it is advisable to stick with the Optimized Battery Charging feature for optimal battery performance.

    – AppleInsider (experts in Apple products)