Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    ION and Saint-Gobain Ceramics Partner to Establish U.S. Manufacturing of Novel Ceramic Material for Solid-State Electrolyte Production

    ION Storage Systems (ION), a Maryland-based manufacturer of safe and high-energy density solid-state lithium metal batteries, has announced a multi-year supply agreement with Saint-Gobain Ceramics. The agreement aims to establish U.S. manufacturing of a novel ceramic material used in large-scale solid-state electrolyte production.

    Saint-Gobain Ceramics, a global leader in ceramic materials products, will utilize its proprietary manufacturing process to produce high-quality ceramic powder. This partnership follows a successful technical relationship and manufacturing pilot program between ION and Saint-Gobain Ceramics.

    Initially, ION will use Saint-Gobain Ceramics’ qualified pilot-level ceramic powder and then transition to one of their high-volume lines to meet ION’s planned growth in manufacturing. This expansion aims to support customers in various industries such as defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage.

    Ricky Hanna, ION’s CEO, expressed pride in partnering with Saint-Gobain Ceramics and highlighted the exceptional quality and scale of supply that they offer. He also mentioned that ION is actively exploring additional ways to collaborate with Saint-Gobain Ceramics in the future.

    This partnership is part of ION’s commitment to delivering a generational leap in battery safety and performance. By leveraging Saint-Gobain Ceramics’ expertise and resources, ION aims to bring groundbreaking battery technology to the market and address the growing demand for superior batteries in various applications.

    ION Storage Systems, Inc. is known for its uniquely adaptable solid-state battery solution, which caters to industries such as defense and aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. Their patented solid-state lithium metal technology offers a battery architecture that eliminates the need for less sustainable materials like cobalt and nickel. This approach promotes circularity, recycling, and reduces reliance on rare earth metals.

    For more information, contact Colin Mahoney of Mahoney Communications Group at 212-220-6045.

    – ION Storage Systems
    – Saint-Gobain Ceramics