Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    HZME Invests in Production System for Methanol Engines

    Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine (HZME) has announced its decision to invest in methanol supply systems and produce methanol engines. The company aims to establish a production system for methanol-compatible dual fuel engines. This move comes as no surprise, considering the increasing popularity of methanol as an alternative fuel.

    HZME has recently received an order from MAN for a methanol-compatible dual fuel test engine and is currently conducting technical verifications through manufacturing and onshore testing at its headquarters and plant. To support this endeavor, HZME will install the necessary equipment, including a methanol supply unit, methanol storage tank (with a capacity of approximately 300 kL), and a service tank.

    The total investment amount for this project is estimated to be approximately JPY 400 million. The production system for methanol engines will be located at the Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine head office and factory in Nagasu-cho, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture.

    Methanol has gained significant traction as an alternative fuel due to its lower carbon intensity and potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It can be produced from various feedstocks, such as natural gas, biomass, or even carbon dioxide. Methanol engines offer an attractive solution for reducing the environmental impact of shipping and transportation.

    This investment by HZME reflects the growing demand for methanol-fueled vessels and engines in the maritime industry. It is expected to contribute to the further development and adoption of methanol as a viable alternative fuel option.