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Huawei and PLN Collaborate to Drive Green and Digital Development in Asia Pacific

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enlit Asia, in partnership with the 78th Indonesia National Electricity Day, recently hosted a highly successful event in Jakarta, Indonesia. With over 12,000 attendees, the event highlighted the importance of green and digital development in the Asia Pacific region. As a Diamond Sponsor, Huawei introduced innovative electric power solutions and announced the establishment of the Joint Innovation Center in collaboration with Indonesia’s state giant, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).

Nicholas Ma, President of Huawei Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group, emphasized the region’s progress in the green and digital sectors during his opening speech. He highlighted the need for close collaboration between governments, public entities, investors, and businesses of all sizes to achieve sustainability and robust economic growth in a green and digital economy.

The Joint Innovation Center, launched by Huawei and PLN, will play a crucial role in PLN’s digital transformation journey, enabling the unlocking of digital value from their assets. Nezar Patria, Vice Minister of Communications and Information of Indonesia, and Bapak Darmawan Prasodjo, CEO of PLN and Chairman of MKI Board of Supervisory, visited the booth to discuss cutting-edge electric power solutions and gain insights from Huawei experts.

During his presentation at the Knowledge Hub, Edwin Diender, CIO of Huawei Electric Power Business Unit, discussed the “Digitalization Trends in the Electric Power Industry” report. He emphasized Huawei’s commitment to finding innovative scenarios and key technologies to ensure energy security, improve energy utilization efficiency, reduce waste, and promote high-quality energy and electric power development.

Frank Zou, Director of Electric Power Industry Digital Solution of Huawei Indonesia, highlighted the need for a systematic digital capability, including communication, computing, and cyber security, to support the dynamic balance of power systems in the era of energy transition.

With partnerships with over 190 power companies worldwide and the development of more than 40 scenario-based solutions, Huawei is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the energy sector and contributing to global efforts towards carbon neutrality.

Source: Huawei Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Joint Innovation Center launched by Huawei and PLN?

The Joint Innovation Center is a collaborative initiative between Huawei and Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to drive digital transformation in PLN and unlock the digital value of their assets.

2. How will the Joint Innovation Center benefit PLN?

The Joint Innovation Center will support PLN’s digital transformation journey by providing technological expertise, innovative solutions, and strategic collaborations to enhance PLN’s operational efficiency and service delivery.

3. What is the significance of the event hosted by Enlit Asia and the 78th Indonesia National Electricity Day?

The event served as a platform to promote green and digital development in the Asia Pacific region. It brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to share knowledge, discuss trends, and explore innovative solutions for the energy sector.

4. How is Huawei contributing to the digital transformation of the electric power industry?

Huawei is actively collaborating with power companies worldwide and developing scenario-based solutions to accelerate the digital transformation of the electric power industry. Their focus is on enhancing energy security, improving energy utilization efficiency, and promoting high-quality energy development.

5. What is Huawei’s global vision for energy transition and carbon neutrality?

Huawei is committed to driving global energy transition and supporting carbon neutrality goals. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, Huawei aims to pave the way for a sustainable and green future in the energy sector.