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How much did Chattanooga get paid to play Alabama?

Chattanooga Secures Substantial Payday for Matchup with Alabama

In a display of the financial dynamics at play in college football, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) Mocs secured a lucrative deal to face off against the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. The game, which pits the smaller Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) team against the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) powerhouse, serves as more than just a competitive sporting event; it is also a significant financial transaction.

Substantial Earnings for the Mocs

Sources close to the athletic departments have revealed that Chattanooga is set to receive $600,000 for their participation in the game against Alabama. This payment is typical of “guarantee games,” where higher-tier teams pay lower-tier opponents for one-off games, usually without a reciprocal visit. These matchups are often seen as tune-ups for the larger programs and provide smaller schools with essential funds to support their athletic departments.

Impact on Smaller Programs

The financial boost from such games can be transformative for smaller programs like Chattanooga’s. The funds often go towards improving facilities, funding scholarships, and overall program development, which can help level the playing field in college athletics.


Q: What is a guarantee game?
A: A guarantee game is a contest where a larger school pays a smaller school to compete, typically without the expectation of playing a return game at the smaller school’s venue.

Q: How does the payment Chattanooga received compare to other guarantee games?
A: Payments can vary widely, but Chattanooga’s $600,000 fee is fairly standard for FCS teams playing against top-tier FBS teams.

Q: Why do smaller schools agree to these matchups?
A: Smaller schools often agree to these games for the financial payout, which can significantly support their athletic programs, and for the exposure it brings to their team and institution.

Q: Does Chattanooga have a chance to win against Alabama?
A: While upsets can occur, these games are generally expected to be heavily in favor of the larger program. However, the opportunity to compete against a top-tier team is valuable experience for the smaller school’s athletes.