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How many shark attacks have been in Gulf Shores?

Gulf Shores Witnesses a Low Number of Shark Attacks Amidst Rising Concerns

Gulf Shores, a popular beach destination in Alabama, has historically recorded a relatively low number of shark attacks compared to other coastal regions. Despite increasing public concern over shark encounters, the data suggests that such incidents remain rare in this area.

According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), which is maintained by the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gulf Shores has experienced a handful of confirmed shark attacks over the past few decades. These numbers are minimal when contrasted with the millions of visitors who flock to the city’s beaches each year.

Experts attribute the low incidence of shark attacks in Gulf Shores to a variety of factors, including the types of activities engaged in by beachgoers and the behavior of local shark species. While the potential for shark encounters exists, as it does in any ocean or gulf waters, the likelihood of an attack remains statistically low.

Local authorities and marine biologists continue to monitor shark activity and encourage visitors to follow safety guidelines, such as swimming in groups and avoiding the water at dawn and dusk when sharks are most active.


Q: How many shark attacks have occurred in Gulf Shores?
A: The exact number varies, but the ISAF reports only a few confirmed attacks in the past several decades.

Q: Are shark attacks common in Gulf Shores?
A: No, shark attacks are quite rare in Gulf Shores, especially when considering the volume of beachgoers each year.


Shark Attack: An incident in which a shark bites a human or their belongings, such as surfboards or kayaks.

International Shark Attack File (ISAF): A global database that collects data on all known shark attacks and is used for scientific and safety purposes.