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How many number 1 hits did Alabama have in a row?

Alabama’s Record-Breaking Number One Streak

Country music band Alabama, renowned for their Southern rock-infused sound, set an unprecedented record in the genre with an impressive streak of number one hits. Between 1980 and 1983, the band achieved a remarkable 21 consecutive chart-topping singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Their streak began with the single “Tennessee River,” which hit the number one spot in August 1980. This success was followed by a series of hits including “Why Lady Why,” “Old Flame,” and “Feels So Right,” each solidifying Alabama’s dominance on the country music scene. The band’s blend of traditional country music with rock and pop elements resonated with a wide audience, propelling them to the top of the charts with each new release.

The streak continued with memorable songs like “Love in the First Degree,” “Mountain Music,” and “Take Me Down,” showcasing the band’s versatility and appeal. It wasn’t until late 1983 that their series of consecutive number one hits came to an end, marking a historic run that has yet to be surpassed in country music history.


What is a “number one hit”?
A number one hit refers to a single that has reached the top position on a music chart, signifying it as the most popular or most sold song in a given period.

What chart did Alabama top with their hits?
Alabama topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, which is a chart that ranks the top-performing country music songs in the United States.

How significant is Alabama’s record in the music industry?
Alabama’s record is significant as it represents a level of consistent commercial success and popularity that is rare in the music industry, particularly within the country music genre. Their streak of number one hits is a testament to their influence and staying power during that era.