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How many millionaires are in Alabama?

Alabama’s Millionaire Population: A Snapshot

The state of Alabama, known for its rich history and diverse economy, is home to a significant number of millionaires. According to the latest reports, the Cotton State boasts a growing population of individuals whose net worth, excluding the value of their primary home, exceeds one million dollars.

While the exact number fluctuates with market conditions, recent data indicates that Alabama has over 89,000 millionaires. This figure places the state in the lower tier nationwide when it comes to the concentration of millionaires, reflecting both the state’s median income levels and the distribution of wealth across the region.

The presence of millionaires in Alabama is not evenly spread, with higher concentrations in metropolitan areas such as Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile. These cities are economic hubs that attract investment and offer opportunities for wealth accumulation through diverse industries, including technology, manufacturing, and healthcare.


Q: What defines a millionaire?
A: A millionaire is an individual whose net worth, or total wealth minus liabilities, is at least one million dollars. This typically excludes the value of their primary residence.

Q: How does Alabama compare to other states in terms of millionaire population?
A: Alabama ranks lower than many other states in terms of the concentration of millionaires. States like Maryland, New Jersey, and Connecticut often top the list due to their high-income suburbs and proximity to major economic centers.

Q: What factors contribute to the number of millionaires in Alabama?
A: Economic growth in key industries, investment opportunities, and the overall cost of living can influence the number of millionaires in a state. Alabama’s diverse economy and developing sectors contribute to its millionaire population.