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How is the public library system in Delaware?

Delaware’s Public Library System: A Community Keystone

Delaware’s public library system continues to serve as a pivotal resource for communities across the First State. With a network of libraries that spans from Wilmington to Delmar, these institutions are more than just repositories of books; they are dynamic centers for learning, technology, and community engagement.

Embracing the Digital Age

In recent years, Delaware libraries have embraced the digital age, offering access to computers, the internet, and a vast array of digital resources. E-books, audiobooks, and online databases are just a few of the offerings that have expanded the reach of library services beyond physical walls, ensuring that Delawareans have access to information and educational resources 24/7.

Programs and Services for All Ages

The public library system in Delaware also prides itself on its diverse programming. From story times for toddlers to tech workshops for seniors, libraries are actively working to meet the needs of every age group and interest. Moreover, many libraries have become community hubs, providing meeting spaces for local organizations and hosting events that foster civic engagement.


Q: Are Delaware’s public libraries free to access?
A: Yes, public libraries in Delaware are free to use for state residents.

Q: Can I access digital library resources from home?
A: Absolutely, with a library card, you can access a wide range of digital resources from any internet-connected device.


Public Library: A library that is accessible to the public and generally funded by public sources (such as government taxes) and operated by civil servants.

Community Engagement: The process of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups.

Digital Resources: Electronic materials like e-books, databases, and online periodicals that can be accessed via computers or other digital devices.