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How does New York maintain its state archives?

New York’s Commitment to Preserving History: The State Archives

In the bustling state of New York, the preservation of history is a task taken with utmost seriousness. The New York State Archives, a program of the State Education Department’s Office of Cultural Education, serves as the custodian of the state’s historical records. Ensuring that future generations have access to the past, the Archives maintain a robust system for managing and safeguarding documents and materials that reflect the rich tapestry of New York’s history.

Strategies for Preservation

The State Archives employs a multifaceted approach to preservation. It includes the physical storage of documents in climate-controlled environments, digitization of records to prevent wear and tear on original materials, and the implementation of strict access policies to protect delicate items. The Archives also provide guidance and support to state and local governments on records management, ensuring that important public records are systematically preserved.

Engagement and Accessibility

Accessibility is a key component of the Archives’ mission. Through educational programs, exhibitions, and online databases, the Archives strive to make historical records available to researchers, students, and the general public. This commitment to engagement not only safeguards the state’s heritage but also enriches the community’s understanding of its history.


Q: What types of records are kept in the New York State Archives?
A: The Archives house a diverse collection, including government documents, photographs, maps, and audiovisual materials.

Q: Can anyone access the records in the State Archives?
A: Yes, the Archives are open to the public for research, though some records may have restrictions due to their condition or privacy concerns.


State Archives: An institution responsible for collecting, preserving, and making accessible the historical records of a state.
Digitization: The process of converting physical documents into digital format for preservation and easier access.
Records Management: The practice of maintaining, classifying, storing, and disposing of records.