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How does Montana promote digital innovation?

Montana Fuels Digital Innovation Through Strategic Initiatives

In the quest to become a hub for digital innovation, Montana is actively promoting a tech-friendly environment that encourages growth and creativity. The state’s approach to fostering digital innovation involves a combination of educational support, investment in infrastructure, and the creation of collaborative spaces.

Education and Workforce Development

At the forefront of Montana’s strategy is the emphasis on education. State universities and colleges are expanding their computer science and technology programs to produce a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of a digital economy. These institutions are partnering with tech companies to provide students with real-world experience through internships and apprenticeships.

Investing in Infrastructure

Montana recognizes that robust digital infrastructure is a cornerstone of innovation. The state has been investing in high-speed internet access, particularly in rural areas, to ensure that all Montanans can participate in the digital economy. This commitment to connectivity is attracting remote workers and tech companies looking for a connected yet serene environment.

Collaborative Spaces and Events

To stimulate innovation, Montana is also supporting the creation of tech hubs and co-working spaces where entrepreneurs and startups can collaborate and share ideas. Annual events like the Montana High Tech Jobs Summit bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and educators to discuss ways to advance the state’s tech sector.


Q: What is digital innovation?
A: Digital innovation refers to the application of digital technology to create new or improved processes, products, or services.

Q: How is Montana supporting tech startups?
A: Montana supports tech startups through the development of tech hubs, co-working spaces, and events designed to foster networking and collaboration.

Q: Are there incentives for tech companies to move to Montana?
A: Yes, Montana offers various incentives, including tax benefits and grants, to attract tech companies and encourage them to set up operations in the state.


Digital Economy: An economy that is based on digital computing technologies, comprising various sectors such as e-commerce, cloud computing, and mobile services.

Tech Hub: A community or space that brings together entrepreneurs, startups, and tech companies to foster innovation and collaboration.

Co-working Space: A shared working environment where individuals from different organizations can work independently or collaboratively in a communal setting.