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How does Maine honor its notable authors and poets?

Maine Celebrates Literary Giants with Diverse Tributes

Maine, a state steeped in natural beauty, has long been a haven for writers and poets seeking inspiration. It’s no surprise that the Pine Tree State honors its literary legends with a blend of memorials, events, and educational programs.

Memorials and Literary Landmarks

One of the most prominent figures, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, born in Portland, is celebrated with the Wadsworth-Longfellow House, his childhood home now a museum. Similarly, the Sarah Orne Jewett House in South Berwick pays homage to the novelist and poet, preserving the space where she penned many of her works.

Festivals and Readings

Annual festivals, such as the Maine Literary Festival, bring together writers, readers, and literary enthusiasts to celebrate the state’s rich literary heritage. These events often feature readings, workshops, and discussions about Maine’s notable authors and poets.

Educational Programs

Educational institutions across Maine integrate the works of local literary figures into their curricula. Schools and libraries often host author talks and poetry readings, fostering an appreciation for the state’s literary contributions among younger generations.


Q: Who are some notable authors from Maine?
A: Besides Longfellow and Jewett, Maine has been home to Stephen King, E.B. White, and Edna St. Vincent Millay, among others.

Q: Are there any awards for Maine authors?
A: Yes, the Maine Literary Awards recognize the state’s contemporary authors, poets, and their works annually.


Memorial: A structure or event established to remember a person or event.
Literary Landmark: A location tied to a famed author or literary work, often marked for its cultural significance.
Festival: A gathering or series of events celebrating a particular theme or subject, in this case, literature.