Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Horwin Italia Expands Presence in the Growing Market for Electric Two-Wheelers in Italy

    Electric two-wheelers have become increasingly popular in Europe, with many people opting for these lightweight and user-friendly vehicles for their daily commutes. This trend is especially evident in densely populated urban areas where the convenience of electric two-wheelers is most applicable.

    In Italy, exciting news has emerged in the electric mobility scene with the establishment of Horwin Italia. Horwin, a well-known brand with roots in China and Austria, has recently unveiled its new Horwin Italia store, bringing its innovative electric vehicles closer to Italian enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2018, Horwin has introduced a diverse lineup of electric two-wheelers, including models like the EK3. The brand’s expansion into Italy is expected to contribute to the growth of the electric mobility sector in the country.

    Under the leadership of Stefania Galli, the Italian Sales and Marketing Manager, Horwin Italia aims to maximize its market share and strengthen its presence across the country. The timing seems ideal, as the Italian market for EV two-wheelers experienced a significant upturn in August 2023, with a 15.2-percent growth compared to the previous year. This surge in demand reflects the alignment of Horwin’s ambitions with a thriving market for electric two-wheelers in Italy.

    Horwin Italia is gearing up to introduce its second-generation models, which made their debut at EICMA 2022. This indicates a significant step forward in terms of innovation and choice for electric two-wheel enthusiasts in the country. In the meantime, the first-generation models, such as the EK and SK, are already available in Italy, catering to new riders and individuals seeking practical urban commuting solutions.

    To achieve their objectives, Horwin Italia is focused on expanding their sales network and enhancing brand visibility throughout the region. They also see promising opportunities in the B2B sector, particularly in scooter sharing and last-mile delivery services. Furthermore, the brand aims to prioritize customer satisfaction by strengthening its after-sales service and fostering brand loyalty.

    Overall, Horwin Italia’s entry into the Italian market is set to contribute to the continued growth and popularity of electric two-wheelers in the country, providing Italians with more options for sustainable and efficient urban transportation.

    – Electric two-wheelers: Lightweight and user-friendly vehicles powered by electricity, including electric bicycles and electric scooters.
    – Electric mobility: The use of electric vehicles for transportation, replacing traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.
    – Market share: The portion of a market controlled by a particular company or brand.
    – After-sales service: Services provided to customers after they have purchased a product, such as maintenance, repairs, and customer support.

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