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New Assistant City Administrator Selected for Hastings, Nebraska

The City of Hastings in Nebraska has recently announced the selection of Mark Funkey as their new Assistant City Administrator. Funkey’s appointment to this important position has been widely recognized as a significant development for both him and the city.

The City Administrator, Shawn Metcalf, emphasized the importance of finding a candidate with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities for the role. Funkey was chosen due to his demonstration of servant leadership, authenticity, transparency, and integrity, making him the perfect fit for the position. Moreover, his exceptional communication skills were seen as vital in building trust with various stakeholders, including the City Council, department heads, businesses, community partners, staff, and residents.

Prior to joining the City of Hastings, Funkey served as the Vice President of Workforce Services at Danville Community College in Danville, Virginia. However, he also has roots in central Nebraska, having previously worked at Central Community College as the Associate Dean of Instruction for the Grand Island and Hastings campuses.

The selection process for the Assistant City Administrator position was highly competitive, with Funkey being one of 38 applicants. Following a thorough evaluation, four finalists were interviewed by a panel consisting of influential figures from different sectors, including representatives from the City Council, City Clerk, Human Resources, Energy Production and Supply, and the local healthcare industry.

During the selection process, the City Administrator proposed a change in city code that would grant the Mayor and City Council the authority to hire and fire the Assistant City Administrator. However, after careful consideration, the Council decided to retain the hiring/firing authority with the City Administrator. Metcalf reassured the public that the hiring process was fair and equitable, with rankings provided by Human Resources and reference checks conducted.

As Assistant City Administrator, Funkey will oversee multiple city departments, bringing his extensive experience in management, budgeting, planning, and strategic planning to this new role. He has expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with the city administration team and contribute to the community’s needs.

Funkey’s background includes previous involvement with the City of Hastings as a member and president of the Hastings Museum Board and the Hastings Museum Foundation Board. He has also served as Board Chair for the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of South Central Nebraska.

With his wealth of experience and commitment to public service, Mark Funkey is poised to play a crucial role in the future development and progress of the City of Hastings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Mark Funkey?

Mark Funkey is the newly appointed Assistant City Administrator for the City of Hastings in Nebraska. He has previous experience in management and strategic planning in the education sector.

What qualifications does Mark Funkey possess for the role?

Mark Funkey was chosen for his knowledge, skills, and abilities that align with the requirements of the Assistant City Administrator position. Additionally, his demonstration of servant leadership, authenticity, transparency, and integrity made him an ideal candidate for the role.

What was the selection process for the Assistant City Administrator?

The selection process involved evaluating 38 applicants, with four finalists being interviewed by a panel composed of representatives from different sectors. The candidates’ rankings from Human Resources, reference checks, and input from various stakeholders guided the selection process.

What will be Mark Funkey’s responsibilities as Assistant City Administrator?

As Assistant City Administrator, Funkey will oversee multiple city departments and contribute to the city’s management, budgeting, planning, and strategic planning efforts.

What are Mark Funkey’s past involvements in the community?

Before his appointment as Assistant City Administrator, Funkey had served on the Hastings Museum Foundation Board and Hastings Museum Board. He also held leadership positions, including Board Chair, in the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of South Central Nebraska.

By Howard Rhodes

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