Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Southern Columbia Defeats Shamokin in Boys Soccer Match

    Southern Columbia’s boys soccer team secured a 5-0 victory against Shamokin at Bernie Romanoski Memorial Field. Although the final score suggested an easy win for Southern Columbia, it was a challenging match with a close first half.

    The Tigers took an early lead just four minutes into the game, when Isaac Carter scored a header to make it 1-0. However, they had to wait another 34 minutes before they could extend their lead. At halftime, Southern Columbia had a 2-0 advantage.

    In the second half, the Tigers took control of the game, scoring three goals within 18 minutes. This burst of goals widened the gap and secured the win for Southern Columbia. The team displayed excellent teamwork and skill to find the back of the net.

    It was a tough loss for winless Shamokin, but they showed determination and resilience throughout the match. Even though they couldn’t find the back of the net, they put up a strong fight against a formidable opponent.

    The victory brings Southern Columbia’s record to 4-2 for the season. The team’s strong performance in this game bodes well for their future matches. With their skills and determination, they are sure to continue their success on the field.


    – The Daily Item

    – Southern Columbia Boys Soccer Team


    – Header: A goal scored with the head

    – Advantage: A lead or superior position in a game or competition

    – Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from difficulties or tough situations