Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    GoodWe Presents EcoSmart Home Solution for Solar Storage Battery Integration

    GoodWe, a leading global provider of energy storage inverters, showcased its latest residential solution lineup at the RE+ 2023 expo in Las Vegas. The company’s EcoSmart Home solution offers a “solar plus storage” system, combining its hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery to create a self-consumption solution.

    The ES-US hybrid inverter and Lynx Home FH-US battery were highlighted at the event. The inverter has a power range of 5-11.4 kW and can be integrated into various residential systems. The Lynx battery offers scalability from 9.6kWh to 19.2kWh, allowing it to meet the specific energy requirements of each home.

    In the “solar + storage” system, the battery stores self-generated energy during off-peak periods and discharges it when electricity prices peak, reducing surplus energy export to the grid. For homeowners anticipating an increase in energy use from an electric vehicle (EV) charger in the future, the ES-US inverter offers an optional EV charger function, further enhancing energy self-consumption and reducing electricity bills.

    To address grid reliability issues, the EcoSmart Home solution integrates an auto backup device (ABD) that can configure either an essential loads backup or a full-home backup system. In the event of a grid failure, the ABD disconnects the utility, ensuring continued power supply to the house.

    GoodWe also showcased the GoodWe SBP-US inverter, designed to address multiple storage applications in North America, including microgrids. This inverter enters a grid-forming mode upon a grid interruption, providing power backup to home loads.

    The EcoSmart Home solution incorporates a smart Energy Management System (SEMS), allowing homeowners to remotely monitor and control the entire system to optimize energy usage and minimize electricity costs.

    GoodWe’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions to homeowners remains unwavering as it continues to offer comprehensive residential solutions for energy generation, storage, charging, and system management.

    Source: Chris Crowell, Solar Builder magazine

    – Hybrid inverter: A device that combines the functions of a solar inverter and a battery inverter, allowing for the integration of solar power and energy storage.
    – Lithium-ion battery: A rechargeable battery technology commonly used in residential and commercial energy storage systems due to its high energy density and long cycle life.
    – Grid-forming mode: A mode in which an inverter can provide power to home loads and simulate a utility grid, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in the event of a grid failure.
    – Energy Management System (SEMS): A system that allows for the monitoring, control, and optimization of energy usage in a residential or commercial setting.