Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Michigan Leads the Midwest in Clean Energy Industry Growth, New Report Shows

    Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist and representatives from the clean energy business sector recently celebrated the remarkable growth of Michigan’s clean energy industry. The state currently leads the Midwest with a total of 123,983 clean energy jobs, according to the latest Clean Jobs Midwest report released by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

    The report, which focuses on five main clean energy sectors including energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation, clean fuels, and grid and storage, highlights the significant progress made by Michigan in the clean energy field. In particular, the clean transportation sector experienced a substantial 14.4% increase in 2022, making it Michigan’s fastest-growing sector.

    The report also emphasizes the importance of federal climate investments in driving further growth in the industry, along with the need for strong state policies to ensure the continued expansion of the clean energy sector.

    Energy efficiency represents the largest segment of clean energy jobs in Michigan, with over 75,000 workers in areas such as manufacturing Energy Star-rated appliances and installing efficient lighting and ventilation systems. Furthermore, small businesses account for more than 75% of Michigan’s clean energy industry.

    In addition to presenting data on clean energy employment, the report provides policy recommendations to help achieve national emission reduction targets, foster the growth of clean energy jobs, and promote equity within the clean energy economy. These recommendations include the development and funding of workforce development programs, increased investment in energy transmission infrastructure, the implementation of clean energy standards, and the promotion of distributed energy generation and electric vehicle adoption.

    Michigan lawmakers have already introduced similar policies and are set to consider legislation aiming to implement a 100% clean energy standard for energy providers by 2035.

    Lt. Gov. Gilchrist expressed his satisfaction with the report’s findings, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to accelerate the growth of the clean energy industry in Michigan. He also highlighted the 16,000 clean energy jobs located in rural areas, underscoring the positive impact of these investments on the state’s overall economic growth and opportunities.

    In conclusion, Gilchrist reaffirmed his commitment, along with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, to support and facilitate the expansion of clean energy jobs in Michigan. Their efforts include advocating for the adoption of the MI Healthy Climate Plan and engaging with the Legislature to ensure that Michigan remains a leader in clean energy innovation and sustainability.

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