Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    German Gas Importer SEFE Shows Interest in Clean Hydrogen Production

    German gas importer and trader SEFE, a nationalized company, has expressed interest in entering the hydrogen production market as part of its commitment to promoting green energy. CEO Egbert Laege made this statement during the Handelsblatt Gas 2023 conference, where he stated that SEFE will closely examine opportunities in the hydrogen sector.

    SEFE is also considering increasing its 50% stake in the Gascade pipelines operated by WIGA, a joint holding company between Wintershall Dea and SEFE. Laege mentioned that SEFE may follow a similar approach to previous alliances in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, seeking partnerships with hydrogen producers and investing in hydrogen projects.

    The interest in hydrogen production is not only driven by the goal of advancing clean energy but also by privatisation reasons. SEFE, overseen by the Economy Ministry, is obligated to divest its state participations under EU rules. By investing in future energy technologies like hydrogen, SEFE aims to establish a more solid asset base for its post-privatisation plans.

    SEFE has also expressed support for Gascade’s plans to construct green hydrogen pipelines. However, Laege clarified that although SEFE received state funding, it would not take unfair advantage of its position.

    Green hydrogen, produced through renewable power in electrolysers, is gaining attention worldwide as a potential alternative to fossil fuels. SEFE’s interest in clean hydrogen production demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and its desire to play a role in the green energy transition.

    – Handelsblatt Gas 2023 conference
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