Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Why Rising Fuel Prices are Impacting UK Drivers

    UK drivers are feeling the pinch as global oil prices reach their highest level in 10 months. With diesel prices at £1.59 per litre, many motorists are having to make tough choices and sacrifices to cope with the rising costs.

    Annie Davies, a mother from Llandysul, Ceredigion, is one of many drivers who have been affected by the recent fuel price increases. She shared that the rising prices have prevented her from taking her children on day trips and have forced her to cut back on expenses in other areas of life.

    Living in a rural area means that Ms Davies has to travel longer distances to fill up her tank. While she can save on fuel by going to her local supermarket, the price difference is not significant enough to justify the 20-mile journey. This dilemma is something many rural residents face, having to choose between convenience and cost savings.

    The increase in fuel prices has had a larger impact on drivers’ standards of living. Ms Davies mentioned that she has had to make budgetary adjustments, opting for less healthy food options as a result. This is a consequence of having to make choices based on affordability rather than preference.

    Sion Jones, manager at Valley Services fuel station in Llandysul, explained that high fuel wholesale prices have made it difficult for independent businesses to compete with supermarkets. They have to carefully manage their pricing to remain competitive while also covering their costs.

    The rise in fuel prices can be attributed to several factors. Geopolitical decisions, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have led to fluctuations in oil prices. Producers have also been restricting output to support the market, resulting in higher prices.

    The situation remains uncertain, with economist Dr Edward Jones stating that it’s difficult to predict what could happen next. Geo-political decisions will continue to have a significant impact on fuel prices.

    The RAC has accused retailers of taking bigger margins than normal at the pumps and called for reductions in prices to benefit drivers. The Petrol Retailers Association has been approached for comment on the matter.

    In conclusion, rising fuel prices are causing financial strain for UK drivers. The impact goes beyond just filling up the tank, with families having to make sacrifices and adjustments to their standards of living. While the situation is influenced by global factors, it remains important for retailers to provide fair pricing for consumers.


    – Ben Price, BBC News
    – Petrol Retailers Association (comment pending)