Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    New Technology Enables Fuel Oil Emulsification for Lower Emissions and Improved Energy Yield

    FOWE Eco Solutions, a Monaco-based firm, has developed a patented technology that allows for the emulsification of fuel oil with water, resulting in reduced emissions and improved energy yield. The process, known as cavitation, uses FOWE’s Cavitech device to emulsify fuel oil, also known as furnace oil, with fresh water, without the need for additives or further processing.
    The emulsification of fuel oil with water using FOWE’s technology results in a significant reduction in particulate matter and a considerable decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. According to Hemant Sondhi, the chief operating officer of FOWE, the emulsified fuel gives a better energy yield of about 8 to 10 percent due to improved combustion of the fuel. Additionally, emissions of NOx, which are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, are significantly reduced, and fuel efficiency is improved.
    The technology has been tested and proven effective, with German multinational MAN Energy Solution recently giving its approval for the use of FOWE’s technology in marine engines. The emulsified fuel produced using FOWE’s technology has been found to be better than traditional petroleum fuel in terms of reducing NOx emissions, particulate emissions, oil dilution, and water addition expenditure.
    FOWE is now offering its technology to Indian refiners and companies, with the aim of substituting conventional fossil fuel and improving both emission control and fuel efficiency. The emulsified fuel produced using FOWE’s technology not only reduces fuel consumption but also produces near-zero particulate matter in fuel gas exhaust, as well as a reduction in SOx levels by about 40 percent and NOx levels by around 30 percent.
    This innovative technology has already been utilized at a European refinery and on large ocean sailing cargo ships, resulting in significant fuel savings and emission reductions. The emulsion produced through FOWE’s technology is stable and has been kept in storage for over a year without any signs of separation. By creating molecular-level bonding between water and fuel oil, FOWE’s technology achieves a greater burning efficiency and release of energy.
    Overall, FOWE’s technology has the potential to greatly reduce emissions and improve energy yield, offering a sustainable solution for the energy industry.

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