Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Fire Breaks Out at Terra Gen Battery Storage Facility in Valley Center

    A battery storage unit at the Terra Gen energy storage facility in Valley Center caught fire on Monday night, and the fire was still burning at the time of this report. The Valley Center Fire Department, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and other nearby agencies were dispatched to the scene to address the issue. Terra Gen personnel were on-site, coordinating with the agencies and ensuring that the incident remained contained.

    In response to the fire, road closures were put in place on Valley Center Road between Sunset Road and Vesper Road, as well as on Cole Grade Road south of Valley Center Road. As a precaution, homes and businesses within a quarter-mile radius of the site were ordered to evacuate and proceed to Valley Center High School, while those within a half-mile radius were instructed to shelter in place.

    A Joint Information Center (JIC) was set up at the Valley Center Community Center, where press and the public were advised to gather for further updates.

    Terra Gen stated that the materials involved in the fire were plastics commonly found in household or car fires. This is the second fire incident that has occurred at the Terra Gen facility in Valley Center, with a previous incident taking place in April 2022.


    – Terra-Gen Energy Storage Systems

    – Valley Center Fire Department

    – Battery storage facility: A facility that stores electricity generated from renewable energy sources in batteries for later use.
    – Evacuation order: A directive given by authorities for people to leave an area due to a potential threat or hazard.
    – Shelter in place: The act of taking immediate refuge inside a building or designated safe area during an emergency.