Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    EverWind Fuels Installs MET Towers to Collect Wind Data for Green Hydrogen Project

    EverWind Fuels, Canada’s leading large-scale green hydrogen developer, has installed meteorological and wind data collection equipment on its first MET tower on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is the first of six MET towers planned for 2023, and once completed, EverWind will have the largest number of MET towers of any green energy project in the region.

    The inaugural MET tower is located at the 27MW St. Lawrence Wind Farm, outside the Town of St. Lawrence. EverWind has partnered with Elemental Energy, owner of the St. Lawrence Wind Farm, to access historical wind resource and site performance data dating back to 2007. This data, combined with ongoing data from the newly installed meteorological data collection equipment, will provide EverWind with the most robust wind resource data in the province.

    Trent Vichie, the CEO and founder of EverWind, expressed his excitement for this latest development and highlighted their collaboration with the communities on the Burin Peninsula. Peter Clibbon, VP of Development with RES, a renewable energy developer supporting EverWind, emphasized the importance of wind resource data collection for project development.

    The communities on the Burin Peninsula have shown support for EverWind’s proposed project and the installation of the MET towers. Kevin Pittman, Mayor of St. Lawrence and member of the Burin Peninsula Energy Board, expressed his encouragement for the project and the positive impact it will have on the entire region.

    EverWind’s green hydrogen project aims to convert renewable power into green hydrogen and then into green ammonia. The company works with European energy companies, global industrial companies, and leading hydrogen and ammonia equipment suppliers.

    Overall, EverWind’s installation of MET towers on the Burin Peninsula marks a significant milestone in the development of their green hydrogen project. With access to comprehensive wind resource data, EverWind is well-positioned to advance their goal of producing clean energy and green fertilizer.

    – MET Towers: Meteorological towers used to collect wind and weather data for renewable energy projects.
    – Green Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power.
    – Green Ammonia: Ammonia produced from green hydrogen, which can be used as a clean energy source and green fertilizer.

    – EverWind Fuels Company
    – CNW Group/EverWind Fuels Company