Tri-Cities Shines Bright: A Festive Display of Holiday Spirit

As the chilly winter settles over Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, the Tri-Cities community is coming together to illuminate the darkness with an array of dazzling holiday displays. We invited residents to share their most creative and breathtaking decorations, and the response has been truly awe-inspiring.

From festive homes adorned with twinkling lights to businesses boasting life-size replicas of Santa’s sleigh, the Tri-Cities is overflowing with holiday cheer. The imagination and effort put into these displays are nothing short of extraordinary.

While we are thrilled to showcase the exceptional talent of our community, this time of year is also about giving back. And so, in the spirit of the season, we have a delightful surprise for one lucky person who shared their beautiful holiday display with us.

Instead of a quote, a descriptive sentence: A lucky participant will receive a festive package that includes a $500 Cash Visa Gift Card and a $1,000 Gift Card to Golf Universe.

There’s still time to join in and take part in this celebration of lights. Submit your photos of your radiant holiday displays through the form below or using our app. Keep an eye on this space as we continue to feature the most sensational displays that capture the true essence of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the deadline to submit photos?
A: The deadline for photo submissions is December 15. Don’t miss your chance to share your extraordinary holiday display!

Q: Can I submit photos of my home and workplace decorations?
A: Absolutely! We welcome photos of holiday displays from both homes and businesses.

Q: Will the $500 Cash Visa Gift Card and $1,000 Golf Universe Gift Card be awarded to a single winner?
A: Yes, one lucky participant will win the grand prize, which includes both the $500 Cash Visa Gift Card and the $1,000 Golf Universe Gift Card.

Q: Are there any rules or guidelines for the contest?
A: Yes, please find the contest rules and guidelines [here](

As we continue to brighten up the Tri-Cities with these magnificent displays, let’s spread joy and cheer to all those who pass by. Together, we can make this holiday season the most magical one yet.

By Howard Rhodes

Howard Rhodes is a prominent figure in the field of sustainable urban planning, with a special focus on renewable energy integration in American cities. His writings and research are centered on the transformative impact of green energy solutions like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power in urban environments. Rhodes advocates for the adoption of these sustainable practices to address the pressing challenges of climate change and energy security. His influential work provides insightful analysis on the economic, environmental, and social benefits of transitioning to renewable energy sources in cityscapes, making him a key voice in the movement towards more sustainable urban futures.