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Yerbaé Brands Corp. Expands Distribution in Midwest Foodservice Market

Yerbaé Brands Corp., a leading plant-based energy beverage company, has announced a new partnership with CL Vending to bring its full range of refreshing 16-ounce flavors to 152 markets across Northwest Indiana and Illinois. This strategic collaboration aims to make Yerbaé’s innovative products more accessible to a wide range of foodservice establishments, including St. Franciscan hospitals and Purdue extension campuses.

In addition to the partnership with CL Vending, Yerbaé Brands Corp. has also joined forces with Vistar, a renowned nationwide wholesale vending and micro market product distributor. These alliances signify Yerbaé’s commitment to expanding its reach and providing consumers with healthier beverage options.

As part of the agreement with CL Vending, Yerbaé Brands Corp. is introducing two new stock keeping units to the Midwest foodservice market: Watermelon Strawberry and Iced Triple Berry. With this expansion, Yerbaé aims to capture the attention of consumers who are looking for delicious, plant-based alternatives to traditional energy drinks.

Seth Smith, Vice President of Sales at Yerbaé Brands Corp., expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership, stating, “We are thrilled about the opportunities that this collaboration brings in reaching more consumers in Indiana and Illinois. By teaming up with CL Vending, we can meet the demand for healthier beverage options and further strengthen our expansion plan alongside our national distributor partner, Vistar.”

This collaboration not only highlights Yerbaé’s unwavering commitment to providing quality plant-based beverages but also showcases the company’s dedication to creating strategic partnerships that promote growth in the foodservice industry.


What is Yerbaé Brands Corp.?

Yerbaé Brands Corp. is a plant-based energy beverage company known for its range of refreshing and health-conscious drinks.

Who is CL Vending?

CL Vending is a vending service provider that operates in Northwest Indiana and Illinois, offering a wide selection of snacks and beverages to various foodservice establishments.

What flavors are being introduced to the Midwest market?

Yerbaé Brands Corp. is launching two new flavors in the Midwest foodservice market: Watermelon Strawberry and Iced Triple Berry.

What is Vistar?

Vistar is a well-established nationwide wholesale vending and micro market product distributor that partners with leading beverage and snack companies to bring their products to a wide range of locations across the United States.

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