Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    65MW Wind Farm and Battery Storage System in Co Westmeath Sold to Energia

    Energia, controlled by US-based I Squared Capital, has acquired a 65MW wind farm and 25MW battery storage system project in Co Westmeath. The Bracklyn project, which has faced local opposition, received planning permission last year. The sale to Energia was reported by industry publication PeakLoad. The wind farm will consist of nine turbines and is being developed by Galetech, owned by director Darren Sherry and other investors. Galetech has already secured agreements with seven landowners in Co Westmeath. The project has a 10-year development horizon and a 30-year operational lifespan.

    The Bracklyn project secured a priority grid connection offer for Q1 2024, enabling it to participate in the government’s third Renewable Energy Support Scheme auction. EirGrid is set to announce provisional winners from the auction next week. Energia, which already owns and operates over 300MW of onshore wind energy assets in Ireland, is also involved in the development of offshore wind, battery storage, solar, and green hydrogen projects.

    Local opposition to the wind farm stemmed from concerns about the visual impact, health and safety issues, noise and shadow flicker, traffic, property devaluation, and the impact on biodiversity and the cultural landscape. Activists argued that the project was not suitable for the area due to its size and the flat landscape of the region.

    In addition to the Co Westmeath project, Galetech has entered the Australian market, offering renewable energy and ESG services to clients in the mining, oil and gas, and agricultural sectors. The company is working with clients such as Bellvue Gold and Firebird Metals to help them incorporate renewable energy and address their ESG obligations.

    – PeakLoad
    – Meath Chronicle

    – Renewable Energy Support Scheme: A government program in Ireland that provides support for renewable energy projects through auctions.
    – ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance): A set of criteria used to assess the sustainability and social impact of investments.
    – Grid connection: The physical connection of a power project to the electricity grid.