Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Christopher Luxon Reveals National Party’s Plan to Cut Red Tape and Rebuild the Economy

    Christopher Luxon, leader of the National Party, has unveiled the first part of the party’s economic plan, which focuses on cutting red tape to stimulate economic growth. Luxon criticized the current Labour government for what he called “economic mismanagement” over the past six years.

    Luxon outlined 25 measures that the National Party plans to implement to reduce red tape. These include repealing the changes made by Labour to the Resource Management Act, reducing the scope of the CCCFA (Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act) and repealing the Conduct of Financial Institutions Act. The party also aims to restore 90-day trials for businesses with more than 20 staff and eliminate the need for resource consents for electric vehicle charging points.

    Luxon emphasized the need for a dynamic and competitive economy that encourages growth and innovation. He believes that a predictable and consistent regulatory environment, with less red tape, is crucial for businesses, particularly small businesses, to thrive.

    The National Party’s goal is to lift incomes for all New Zealanders and drive economic growth. Luxon presented the upcoming election as a choice between three more years of the current Labour-led coalition government or a strong, stable National-led government that can rebuild the economy and get New Zealand back on track.

    In addition to the measures mentioned above, the National Party also plans to give farmers the tools they need to reduce emissions by lifting the effective ban on genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modified (GM) technologies. They also aim to streamline building consents and code of compliance certificates to make the process more efficient.

    By cutting red tape and creating a favorable business environment, Luxon believes that New Zealand can achieve growth, innovation, and increased competition. It remains to be seen how these proposed measures will shape the country’s economic future, but the National Party’s plan certainly puts a strong emphasis on rebuilding the economy and supporting businesses.

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