Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Dominica’s Electricity Provider Seeks to Reduce Power Outages with New Generator

    The Dominica Electricity Services Ltd (DOMLEC), the sole electricity provider on the island, has obtained an 800KW generator from the Government of Dominica. The generator is expected to improve the frequent power outages experienced on the island, but it will not completely eliminate the problem.

    According to Dave Stamp, the Chief Operations Officer at DOMLEC, the generator will “reduce the amount and duration of load shedding” but will not take them out of the load-shedding mode entirely. Stamp also mentioned that the company is seeking an additional 2 megawatts in rental capacity to further improve the situation.

    Stamp further explained that DOMLEC is planning to acquire more capacity beyond the initial solution, which will bring them into a more stable situation. Currently, the company is about 3.8 megawatts short of their firm capacity, and the additional rental capacity, as well as capacity from the government, will help bring them back on par with the firm capacity situation.

    Bertilia McKenzie, the General Manager of DOMLEC, highlighted the longer-than-projected dry season as one of the causes of the ongoing power cuts. The dry season has affected both the diesel units and the hydro units, reducing their overall output and efficiency. The hydro units, which typically contribute 30 to 35 percent to the generation, are currently only able to contribute less than 15 percent due to the lack of rain and low water levels.

    The acquisition of DOMLEC by the government of Dominica is part of their plan to make the country the first climate-resilient country in the world. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit stated that the acquisition aligns with their goals to improve energy security and achieve 100% clean, carbon-neutral energy by 2030.

    Overall, while the new generator and additional capacity are expected to improve the power situation in Dominica, it will not completely eliminate power outages. The company is taking steps to address the issue and work towards a more stable and resilient energy sector for the island.

    – Dominica News Online
    – DOMLEC