Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Dominion Energy to Test Rust-Based Batteries for Long-Lasting Storage

    Dominion Energy, a major energy provider, is set to test two different types of batteries, one of which is based on rust, in an effort to find long-lasting storage solutions for its electric grid. The company’s concern is that the demand for lithium-based batteries, which are currently used in their system, will increase due to the rise in popularity of electric vehicles. In addition to this concern, the company has also learned from past experiences, such as last year’s Christmas winter storm, which highlighted the need for batteries that can provide power for extended periods of time.

    The pilot project, which will take place at Dominion Energy’s Darbytown power station in Henrico County, will test two types of batteries: iron-air units and zinc hybrid batteries. The iron-air batteries, developed by Form Energy, have the capability to store electricity for several days, providing 5 megawatts of electricity for up to four days. On the other hand, the zinc hybrid batteries, supplied by Eos Energy Enterprises, can deliver four megawatts of electricity over four hours.

    The unique aspect of the iron-air batteries is that they utilize a chemical reaction between oxygen from the air and iron to release energy, which is then used to power the electric grid. When these batteries are charged with electricity, the rust is removed, allowing the reaction to occur again. This type of battery has been granted $12 million by New York State to develop and construct a 10-megawatt demonstration iron-air batteries bank.

    By testing these different types of batteries, Dominion Energy aims to find alternative storage solutions that can provide power for longer durations, addressing the need for extended electricity supply during weather events like Winter Storm Elliot. This pilot project will also allow Dominion Energy employees to gain knowledge and experience in working with these new battery technologies and understand their charging and electricity-feeding characteristics.

    Overall, Dominion Energy’s exploration of rust-based and zinc hybrid batteries is a step towards finding more reliable and long-lasting storage solutions for a sustainable electric grid.

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