Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Dominion Energy Proposes Groundbreaking Battery Storage Pilot Project in Virginia

    Dominion Energy Virginia has filed a proposal with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) for a battery storage pilot project that aims to increase the discharge time of batteries connected to the electric grid. The project, known as the Darbytown Storage Pilot Project, will test two new technologies as potential alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries. These technologies have the potential to offer longer durations and enhanced safety features.

    Currently, the average duration of batteries in Dominion Energy’s fleet and across the United States is limited to four hours or less. However, one of the proposed technologies being tested in this project has the ability to discharge energy for multiple days. This breakthrough can revolutionize the way energy is stored and utilized on the grid, allowing for a more reliable and resilient system.

    The Darbytown Storage Pilot Project is taking place at the existing Darbytown Power Station in Henrico County. It will test iron-air batteries developed by Form Energy and zinc-hybrid batteries developed by Eos Energy Enterprises as potential alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.

    Form Energy’s iron-air technology has the potential to discharge energy for up to 100 hours, significantly longer than the batteries currently available on the market. Mateo Jaramillo, the CEO of Form Energy, expressed excitement about the partnership with Dominion Energy and the opportunity to provide customers with access to wind and solar energy over extended periods.

    Eos Energy Enterprises, a company focused on clean energy solutions, is also part of the project. Their zinc-hybrid batteries offer an alternative energy storage system that performs well and contributes to meeting future energy needs.

    If approved, construction for the Darbytown Storage Pilot Project is expected to begin by late 2024, with the project becoming operational by late 2026. This project would add to Dominion Energy Virginia’s growing fleet of battery storage facilities in various counties in the state.

    Dominion Energy Virginia’s focus on integrating innovative battery storage technologies aligns with their commitment to providing safe, reliable, and sustainable energy. With their investments in offshore wind and solar projects, the integration of longer-duration batteries can be a transformative step forward in achieving their clean energy goals.

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