Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Tuesday is Fuel Good Day at Dauphin Co-op Gas Bars, Supporting the Court Project in Ste Rose

    Fuel Good Day is back at the two Dauphin Co-op gas bar locations, and this time the proceeds will go to the Court project in Ste Rose. On Tuesday, 10 cents from every litre of fuel sold at both locations will be donated to the project.

    The Court project was chosen through a spring application process. It has garnered significant support from the community, making it an ideal candidate for this fundraising event. Dauphin Co-op Marketing and Community Relations Manager, Joan Chetyrbok, expressed her enthusiasm for supporting the initiative, stating that the Court project is something that is genuinely needed in Ste Rose.

    Chetyrbok is encouraging the entire region to participate in this event by postponing their gas purchases until Tuesday. Even if people have to run on fumes, she urges them to support the Court project by filling up on Fuel Good Day.

    In addition to the fuel proceeds, there will be a fundraising barbecue at both locations from 11 am until 1:30 pm. The proceeds from the barbecue will also be contributed to the Court project. To avoid any delays, customers can pre-order their meals by calling or texting 204-648-5309.

    Dauphin Co-op has a successful history with Fuel Good Day, typically raising around $5,000. However, Chetyrbok hopes to surpass that amount this year. On the day of the event, donations of any size will be accepted at both gas bars. As a token of appreciation, individuals making a donation will receive a Fuel Good Day air freshener.

    Since launching Fuel Good Day in 2017, Dauphin Co-op has donated a total of $30,000 to various local charities.

    – Fuel Good Day: A fundraising event held by Dauphin Co-op where a portion of the fuel sales is donated to a designated local project or charity.
    – The Court project: A community initiative in Ste Rose aimed at providing necessary resources and support to enhance the quality of life in the area.

    – Dauphin Co-op
    – Joan Chetyrbok, Dauphin Co-op Marketing and Community Relations Manager