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Revamp Your Driveway with Eco-Friendly Rubber Stone

Looking to rejuvenate your driveway? Rubber Stone AZ has the perfect solution for you. Rubber Stone is a soft, durable, and decorative material that can give your driveway a fresh new look while also being environmentally friendly.

Made from small chips of rubber and a polyurethane binding agent, Rubber Stone offers flexibility and durability. But what sets it apart is its contribution to sustainability. This innovative product is a LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) contributing recycled material. By choosing Rubber Stone, you’re not only enhancing your own space, but you’re also helping to reduce waste. Just 25 square feet of installed Rubber Stone keeps three tires out of the landfill.

But the environmental benefits don’t stop there. Imagine the impact a single-car driveway can make – it prevents 60 tires from reaching landfills. And a two-car driveway? A whopping 120 tires saved! That’s a significant contribution to waste reduction.

Rubber Stone is not just suitable for driveways; it can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. Whether it’s a deck, paving stones, asphalt driveways, or even interiors like basements and playrooms, Rubber Stone can be used. Its versatility makes it a smart choice for any area that experiences movement or shifting.

Not only is Rubber Stone environmentally friendly, but it’s also exceptionally durable. It can withstand harsh conditions, just like the tires on your car. Whether it’s hot or cold, wet or dry, or heavy traffic, Rubber Stone will stand the test of time.

So, if you’re looking to revamp your driveway and make a positive impact on the environment, choose Rubber Stone. Contact Rubber Stone AZ today at (623) 939-5300 or visit to learn more about this remarkable product. Give your driveway a new lease on life with Rubber Stone’s eco-friendly and resilient solution.


1. Is Rubber Stone AZ available only in Arizona?

No, Rubber Stone AZ is a leading supplier and installer of Rubber Stone products across multiple locations.

2. Can Rubber Stone be used for interior flooring?

Absolutely! Rubber Stone is suitable for a wide range of interior surfaces including basements, laundry areas, playrooms and exercise rooms.

3. How long does Rubber Stone last?

Rubber Stone is highly durable and can withstand various weather conditions and heavy traffic. With proper maintenance, it can last for many years.