Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Mobilizing Action Towards Net-Zero: The Partnership Between Context Labs and Viridios AI

    Context Labs and Viridios AI have recently announced their strategic partnership aimed at de-risking and rebuilding carbon markets. By combining their expertise, these companies are creating a safe and trusted platform for environmental attribute discovery, evaluation, and pricing.

    Context Labs, known for their Immutably™ Data Fabric and DaaS™ Decarbonization as a Service platforms, will focus on data integrity, transparency, and scalability in this partnership. They aim to meet the emerging and ongoing needs of global carbon markets, helping organizations achieve their climate and net-zero targets by offering the safest carbon credits to offset residual emissions. Through collaboration with select partners, both companies will provide data-driven, effective decarbonization and monetization methods.

    The CEO of Context Labs, Dan Harple, expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic partnership, stating, “With Viridios AI, we can leverage our best-in-class approach to enable trusted emissions measurement, monitoring, and mitigation.” The integrated solution delivered by Context Labs and Viridios AI will offer proven capabilities on the most secure and extensive climate technology stack available, infused with artificial intelligence.

    Viridios AI’s solution will be built upon Context Labs’ Immutably™ Asset Grade Data (AGD) platform enterprise data fabric. With a focus on data integrity and traceability for environmental attribute evaluation, Viridios AI aims to create carbon market infrastructure that de-risks carbon creation, marketing, and offsetting strategies. Their platform provides subscribers with comprehensive carbon market intelligence, including modules, prices, valuation, projects, and markets, all accessible through a user-friendly interface.

    This strategic partnership will allow Context Labs to advance its enterprise-class solutions for climate operations in energy transition markets. By integrating their Immutably™ platform within Viridios AI solutions, they will continue to meet global decarbonization needs, supporting organizations in their efforts to combat climate change.

    – Context Labs
    – Viridios AI