Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Constellation to Present Strategy for Achieving America’s Climate Goals at Climate Week NYC

    Constellation, the largest producer of carbon-free energy in the U.S., will lay out a strategy for how nuclear energy combined with other clean technologies can help achieve America’s climate goals during Climate Week NYC. David Brown, Constellation’s senior vice president of Federal Government Affairs & Public Policy, will explain how matching customer demand for electricity with clean energy in every hour of every day is essential to meeting the nation’s climate goals.

    Brown will also discuss how climate policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 are driving investment in clean energy technologies, including carbon-free hydrogen and nuclear energy. He will address the roadblocks to achieving the goals set out in the IRA and other U.S. climate policies, and propose ways for policymakers to address them.

    “Nuclear energy is key to solving the climate crisis,” said Brown. “We are demonstrating the possibilities in Constellation’s own operations, starting with our work on clean hydrogen, extending the life and output of our nuclear fleet, and providing companies with carbon-free resources in every hour of every day. These clean technologies are scalable and affordable with the right incentives and industry accountability.”

    Constellation’s strategy involves extending the licenses of its nuclear plants, increasing the output of its nuclear and wind energy assets, and investing in clean hydrogen projects. Brown will discuss the impact of the IRA on clean energy investment and the importance of maintaining the existing nuclear fleet for emission reduction goals.

    The company will also announce that its zero-carbon nuclear fleet ran at nearly 100% capacity throughout the summer. Additionally, Constellation has developed technology with Microsoft that enables companies to match their power needs with clean electricity on an hourly basis. Last week, the company reached an agreement with ComEd to power all of its facilities with locally produced nuclear energy.

    Constellation’s commitment to clean energy and its efforts to help customers reach their sustainability goals align with the company’s ambitious plan to achieve 100% carbon-free generation by 2040. With its expertise in carbon-free energy production, Constellation is well-positioned to contribute significantly to America’s climate goals.

    Source: Constellation Communications