New Regulations Proposed for Fargo’s Troublesome Apartment Building

FARGO — In a recent declaration, city officials in Fargo have labeled a three-unit apartment building as dangerous and are demanding immediate action from the owner, Jamie Swenson. The 1,636-square-foot structure located at 1710 First Ave. S. has been a subject of numerous complaints since 2008, which has raised concerns about the safety of both the residents and other individuals in the area.

City authorities have given Swenson two options: either demolish the building by Friday, December 29, or undertake necessary repairs to ensure the property meets the required safety standards. If the deadline passes without any action from the owner, the city will arrange for a contractor to demolish the building and charge Swenson accordingly.

According to city officials, this apartment building has had a troubled history, failing all rental inspections since 2017, with reports of alarming conditions dating back to 2008. The city has been diligently monitoring the property due to its persistent issues.

Swenson, however, contests the city’s assessment and claims that he has promptly addressed issues brought to his attention by city officials over the years. He further adds that the delayed action was primarily due to a tenant’s refusal to vacate the premises. However, the tenant has since been removed, and Swenson has assured the city that he will take necessary steps to rectify the problems with the building.

It is important to note that Swenson currently has an active insurance claim for the property and intends to renovate before selling it. Although a dumpster was placed on the property a few months ago, there have been no significant construction activities observed, according to city documents.

Throughout this process, there seems to have been a lack of effective communication between Swenson and the city, leading to further complications in resolving the issues with the apartment building.


Q: Is the apartment building in Fargo being declared unsafe?
A: Yes, city officials have deemed the three-unit apartment building as dangerous and have ordered the owner to either demolish the structure or make necessary repairs by a specified deadline.

Q: What actions will be taken if the owner fails to comply with the order?
A: If the owner fails to meet the deadline, the city will hire a contractor to demolish the building and will charge the owner for the cost.

Q: Why has this apartment building been a concern for several years?
A: The apartment building has been under scrutiny since 2008 due to multiple complaints and poor conditions. It has failed rental inspections since 2017.

Q: What is the owner’s response to the city’s declaration?
A: The owner contests the city’s assessment, claiming prompt attention to issues raised by city officials over the years. The owner also intends to renovate the building and sell it.