Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    The Coal Authority seeks contractors for £100M mine water treatment framework

    The Coal Authority is partnering with various government departments and agencies to establish a £100 million framework for the delivery of mine water treatment schemes across England, Scotland, and Wales. The aim of these treatment schemes is to responsibly treat mine water before it enters natural watercourses, preventing uncontrolled discharges and regulating mine water levels. The construction of these facilities is crucial in preserving the natural environment and mitigating the harm caused by mining. The framework will involve appointing multiple contractors to design and deliver new treatment schemes, as well as refurbishing existing ones.

    The scope of the framework also includes the treatment of metal mine water to address pollution resulting from historical metal mining. The framework is expected to last for four years, with an estimated contract publication date of July 2024. However, the Coal Authority notes that the dates and structure of the framework may be subject to change.

    The Coal Authority is actively seeking interested contractors to engage in discussions about the proposal and gain a better understanding of the requirements. As an organization committed to sustainability, the Coal Authority aims to become a net zero organization by 2030 and hopes to use this framework to contribute to positive change in the communities it supports.

    The proposed works for new or major refurbishment of mine water treatment schemes include various components such as aeration systems, settlement lagoons, reed beds/wetland areas, sludge handling facilities, and pumping infrastructure. The refurbishment and upgrade of existing schemes may involve tasks such as refurbishing pumping and electrical infrastructure, improving building services, and upgrading drainage systems.

    Sources: The Coal Authority