Vital Repairs to Shrewsbury’s Emergency Services Building Planned for 2024

Shrewsbury’s aging emergency services center will undergo vital repairs and updates in 2024, ensuring the safety and functionality of the building for years to come. The city’s Board of Alderman and the finance commission recently met to discuss ways of completing the necessary renovations without straining the municipal budget.

The emergency services building on Shrewsbury Avenue houses fire and police services, as well as municipal courts. Architects estimate that the repairs and updates will cost over $1 million. City leaders are exploring various options to generate revenue and offset the costs, such as increasing fees and licenses. However, raising taxes will not be pursued, as the city aims to complete the project using its existing financial resources.

During the meeting, the board members decided to stretch the building renovation project over two budget years. The first phase, scheduled for completion in 2024, will prioritize repairs to the emergency services living quarters. Mold and plumbing issues will be addressed to ensure the safety of city workers, and the sleeping accommodations will be reconfigured. In 2025, the focus will shift to the service bays and major mechanical systems.

The decision to prioritize the safety of public safety employees received unanimous support from the board. Board member Bette Welch emphasized the need to create a safe environment for the workers as soon as possible.

In addition to finding ways to increase revenue, leaders also discussed opportunities for reducing spending. One suggestion brought up during the meeting was to address the financial loss currently incurred by the city’s courts. Department heads were assigned the task of identifying potential savings.

Shrewsbury’s Director of Administration and Finance, Diana Madrid, will incorporate the cost-saving and revenue-increasing options into the next draft of the budget. The final budget adoption is still a few weeks away, with the next budget meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 21, at Shrewsbury City Hall.

In other news, Shrewsbury Director of Parks and Recreation, Chris Buck, announced the schedule for upcoming holiday activities. Events include the lighting of the city’s tree on Friday, Dec. 1, and a holiday bazaar on Saturday, Dec. 9.


What repairs are needed in Shrewsbury’s emergency services building?

The emergency services building in Shrewsbury requires various repairs and updates to ensure the safety and functionality of the facility. These repairs include addressing mold and plumbing problems, reconfiguring the sleeping accommodations for city workers, upgrading the service bays, and improving major mechanical systems.

How much will the repairs cost?

Architects estimate that the repairs and updates to Shrewsbury’s emergency services building will cost over $1 million.

How will Shrewsbury fund these repairs?

City leaders in Shrewsbury are considering multiple options to generate revenue and offset the repair costs. These options include increasing fees and licenses. However, raising taxes is not an option that will be pursued.

When will the repairs be completed?

The renovation project for Shrewsbury’s emergency services building will be stretched over two budget years. The first phase, including repairs to the living quarters, is set to be completed in 2024. The second phase, focusing on the service bays and major mechanical systems, will be undertaken in 2025.

By Alan Caldwell

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