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Colossal Order Shifts Focus in Response to Cities: Skylines 2 Issues

Since the launch of Cities: Skylines 2, Colossal Order has been diligently working to improve the game’s performance and address various bugs. However, the studio has now announced a change in its approach to tackle the more complex issues at hand. In a recent blog post titled “Word of the Week,” Colossal Order outlined its new strategy.

While players might not be thrilled about the reduction in the frequency of patches and the delay of DLC releases, these decisions are necessary for the team to address the underlying problems plaguing Cities: Skylines 2. The studio has identified several key areas of focus, including the game’s mail service, citizen pathfinding, and issues related to exports and distribution of goods.

To enhance performance, Colossal Order is working on refining the level of detail in the game’s assets. This involves adding missing level-of-detail models (LODs) and improving existing ones to optimize GPU performance. The studio acknowledges that this process may require multiple patches. Subsequently, the team will shift its attention to CPU performance, aiming to reduce stutters and enhance the simulation speed for seamless gameplay, even when cities grow in size.

In addition to performance improvements, bug fixes are a top priority. Colossal Order is actively addressing numerous reported bugs, with 100 issues already being resolved and another 100 under investigation. These fixes range from substantial system overhauls to minor annoyances, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players.

While the release date for the game’s editor remains uncertain, it is currently being tested by a dedicated beta group. Feedback from this testing phase is instrumental in refining the editor’s functionalities. The map editor still requires adjustments, particularly regarding water placement and UI enhancements, which are being actively worked on.

Looking ahead, once the PC version of Cities: Skylines 2 meets the team’s standards, Colossal Order will shift its focus to the console release and DLC content. The first asset pack, Beach Properties, is currently in development, with an expected release window in the first quarter of 2024.

Overall, these adjustments highlight Colossal Order’s commitment to addressing the issues raised by players and delivering an exceptional city-building experience. While the initial launch may have been rocky, the studio’s dedication to improvement ensures that 2024 holds promise for a better and more polished Cities: Skylines 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the reduced frequency of patches affect the overall stability of Cities: Skylines 2?

Although the patches will be less frequent, the focus will shift towards resolving underlying issues that require more in-depth investigation. This change in approach aims to enhance the overall stability of the game in the long term.

2. What improvements are being made to the game’s performance?

Colossal Order is actively working on improving GPU performance by adding missing level-of-detail models (LODs) and refining existing ones. Subsequently, the team will prioritize enhancing CPU performance to reduce stutters and improve simulation speed, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience.

3. How are bug fixes being addressed?

The team is diligently addressing reported bugs, with a focus on resolving gameplay issues. From major system overhauls to minor annoyances, Colossal Order is committed to providing a high-quality experience for players.

4. When can we expect the release of DLC content?

While specific dates have not been announced, Colossal Order is actively working on the first asset pack, Beach Properties, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2024. Creator packs and medium expansions are also planned for subsequent quarters of 2024.