Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    China and EU Discuss Artificial Intelligence and Cross-Border Data Flows Amid EV Subsidy Disputes

    China and the European Union (EU) recently engaged in talks about artificial intelligence (AI) and cross-border data flows during the EU-China High-level Digital Dialogue held in Beijing. The talks aimed to address key issues concerning platforms and data regulation, as well as the flow of industrial data between China and the EU.

    This dialogue, which marked the first of its kind in three years, was co-chaired by China’s Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing and the European Commission Vice-President for Values and Transparency Vera Jourova. It took place amidst tensions between China and the EU following an EU probe into China’s electric vehicle (EV) subsidies. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had announced the investigation, which could potentially lead to punitive tariffs on Chinese EVs in order to protect EU producers.

    China criticized the probe as a “protectionist act” and warned that it would harm economic relations between the two entities. Amidst these tensions, the dialogue addressed the concerns raised by the European Commission, which included the difficulties faced by EU companies in China when it came to utilizing their industrial data.

    The Chinese Vice Premier emphasized that China welcomes companies from all over the world, including those from Europe, to partake in the development opportunities provided by its digital economy. The aim is to achieve mutually beneficial results. Both sides agreed to foster an open, fair, and non-discriminatory environment that would facilitate the development of the digital economy.

    During the talks, research and innovation, information and communication technology, and safety of products sold online were also discussed. The meeting aimed to promote collaboration and understanding in various aspects of the digital industry.

    – Artificial intelligence (AI): The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, typically seen in technologies that imitate cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving.
    – Cross-border data flows: The transfer of data between different jurisdictions or countries.

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