Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Major Improvements Made to Irrigation Channels in Mildura and Red Cliffs

    A significant milestone has been reached in the Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project (SWEP) as over four kilometres of irrigation channels in Mildura and Red Cliffs have been successfully repaired and upgraded. This marks the completion of the first stage of the project, which aims to enhance water efficiency and productivity in the region.

    Funded by the Australian Government through the Off-farm Efficiency Program, the $37.9 million SWEP project is being delivered by Lower Murray Water. Importantly, this project incurs no costs for local growers, ensuring that they can enjoy the benefits of improved irrigation infrastructure without financial burdens.

    The repaired and upgraded irrigation channels are essential for efficient water distribution and irrigation in the Sunraysia region. By addressing issues such as leaks, blockages, and outdated infrastructure, these improvements will help minimize water wastage, enhance water efficiency, and improve overall agricultural productivity.

    The Sunraysia region is renowned for its diverse agricultural sector, which heavily relies on reliable and efficient irrigation systems. The completion of this first stage of the SWEP project brings great relief to local farmers, who have long awaited the necessary upgrades to their irrigation infrastructure.

    With the improved irrigation channels, farmers will be able to better manage their water resources. This will not only lead to increased yields and improved crop quality but also contribute to the long-term sustainability of agriculture in the region.

    The Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project serves as a testament to the commitment of the Australian Government in supporting sustainable farming practices and water conservation efforts. By investing in the upgrade of irrigation infrastructure, the government aims to ensure the continued success of the agricultural sector and secure water resources for future generations.

    – Off-farm Efficiency Program
    – Lower Murray Water

    – Sunraysia: A region in Victoria, Australia known for its agricultural production, particularly in horticulture.
    – Irrigation Channels: Manmade channels used to distribute water for agricultural purposes.
    – Water Efficiency: The practice of using water resources efficiently to minimize waste and maximize productivity.
    – Off-farm Efficiency Program: An Australian Government program aimed at supporting water efficiency projects in the agricultural sector.
    – Lower Murray Water: An organization responsible for water supply and sewerage services in the Lower Murray region of Victoria.